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"Let's Volt In!!!!! Tenkuken!!"

MIG Studio is proud to present "VOLTES-V TENKUKEN" from Voltes V Animation.
Original Design from 80's animation / TV series.

Voltes V one of the most beloved Super Robot of all time now came to live in this epic diorama.

In our first diorama, Voltes V faces one of the toughest battle with Super Namazungo and Gamenza, where the enemy uses a device that prevents Voltes V to combine.

Through intense effort Voltes V finally able to destroy the device and able to combine, they defeated the two beast fighter.

In here we see Voltes V deliver the final blow to Gamenza with Tenkuken.

Product Specifications
- Dimension : 62cm tall / 50cm diameter length (Approx)
- Weight : 20+ Kg (Approx)
- Highly detailed sculpt
- High quality paint
- Comes with an artprint of Voltes V defeating Gamenza

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